stated the want of stones or bricks, for some necessary service:

the fairest forms of architecture were rudely defaced, for the

sake of some paltry, or pretended, repairs; and the degenerate

Romans, who converted the spoil to their own emolument,

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demolished, with sacrilegious hands, the labors of their

ancestors. Majorian, who had often sighed over the desolation of

the city, applied a severe remedy to the growing evil. ^43 He

reserved to the prince and senate the sole cognizance of the

extreme cases which might justify the destruction of an ancient

edifice; imposed a fine of fifty pounds of gold (two thousand

pounds sterling) on every magistrate who should presume to grant

such illegal and scandalous license, and threatened to chastise

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the criminal obedience of their subordinate officers, by a severe

whipping, and the amputation of both their hands. In the last

instance, the legislator might seem to forget the proportion of

guilt and punishment; but his zeal arose from a generous

principle, and Majorian was anxious to protect the monuments of

those ages, in which he would have desired and deserved to live.

The emperor conceived, that it was his interest to increase the

number of his subjects; and that it was his duty to guard the

purity of the marriage-bed: but the means which he employed to

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accomplish these salutary purposes are of an ambiguous, and

perhaps exceptionable, kind. The pious maids, who consecrated

their virginity to Christ, were restrained from taking the veil

till they had reached their fortieth year. Widows under that age

were compelled to form a second alliance within the term of five

years, by the forfeiture of half their wealth to their nearest

relations, or to the state. Unequal marriages were condemned or

annulled. The punishment of confiscation and exil

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