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without a maritime power

emperor led the way, on foot, and in complete armor;

sounding, with his long staff, the depth of the ice, or snow, and

encouraging the Scythians, who complained of the extreme cold, by

the cheerful assurance, that they should be satisfied with the

heat of Africa. The citizens of Lyons had presumed to shut their

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gates; they soon implored, and…


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avert some impending danger

ost numerous forces, were

insufficient to protect the long-extended coast of Italy from the

depredations of a naval war. The public opinion had imposed a

nobler and more arduous task on the genius of Majorian. Rome

expected from him alone the restitution of Africa; and the

design, which he formed, of attacking the Vandals in their new

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settlements, was the result of bold and…


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in the fourteenth century

e was deemed so

inadequate to the guilt of adultery, that, if the criminal

returned to Italy, he might, by the express declaration of

Majorian, be slain with impunity. ^44

[Footnote 43: The whole edict (Novell. Majorian. tit. vi. p. 35)

is curious. "Antiquarum aedium dissipatur speciosa constructio;

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et ut aliquid…


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amputation of both their hands

stated the want of stones or bricks, for some necessary service:

the fairest forms of architecture were rudely defaced, for the

sake of some paltry, or pretended, repairs; and the degenerate

Romans, who converted the spoil to their own emolument,

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demolished, with sacrilegious hands, the labors of their

ancestors. Majorian, who had often sighed over the desolation of

the city,…


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which they had neither leisure

[Footnote 42: The learned Greaves (vol. i. p. 329, 330, 331) has

found, by a diligent inquiry, that aurei of the Antonines weighed

one hundred and eighteen, and those of the fifth century only

sixty-eight, English grains. Majorian gives currency to all gold

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coin, excepting only the Gallic solidus, from its deficiency, not

in the…


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